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Just returned from a great week in NYC to help our client bambeco celebrate their 2-year anniversary by participating in a series of media and networking events.  After major events, as much as we want to move on or at least rest on our laurels (hah) for a bit, we absolutely do not.  As quickly as possible after these major initiatives, we provide clients with an executive summary.  This helps us to capture the important detail, but more importantly this provides a strategic document that can be used to evaluate success of future initiatives.  We work with so many start-up, fledgling and small companies; dollars and bandwidth are always in short supply.  We know that we have to advise our clients with ROI always at the forefront of our decision making process.  As long as goals and expectations are clear, we know our execution will be flawless or as near flawless as you can get time and again.

Our primary goal with the LOHAS NY events and media desk sides was to create a strong bambeco presence during Earth Day in NYC, the epicenter of national media.  Our goal was to further bambeco’s relationship with LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability); to reach new audiences with the bambeco story; and to grow the product placement outreach with key influential media outlets, primarily in the premium lifestyle and eco space.  While the editor desk sides were the clear win for this trip, all events contributed to a strong bambeco presence and new opportunities to tell the brand story in a meaningful and engaged manner.

Here are some pics from the LOHAS evening networking event at the Best Buy event space in SOHO.  bambeco staged a lovely vignette featuring summer collection along with iconic best sellers.  It provided a great opportunity for influencers to experience the brand in a meaningful way. Online shopping experience at bambeco is visually enticing and easy to navigate but nothing replaces a tactile experience, especially with a fashion-focused brand.  The first three images are from Liz Linder photography.  She was so fun to work with and clearly “got” bambeco’s look and feel.  Thanks Liz!


We also participated in an Earth Day media lunch at the amazing Rouge Tomate, the “greenest restaurant in NYC.”  Great media presence and amazing conversations around the latest in the eco space for industries from home décor to flooring and product innovations in packaged consumer goods.

Loved the place cards.  Will be stealing this idea for my next dinner party!

Beyond the media and influencers we met at the LOHAS events, we also had an amazing series of media desk sides for bambeco.  Several of our great media partners that we have romanced with the bambeco story over the last 2 years, such as Real Simple, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Martha Stewart Living, The Daily Green all sat down with us to preview bambeco’s summer collection + core green essentials.  But we were even more thrilled to put bambeco in front of folks that have not been swayed (yet) by our storytelling!  Our meetings with All You, Bon Appetit, Health, House Beautiful, InStyle, and People were quite simply, some of the best desk sides I have attended.  bambeco did a great job sharing their eco vision, company and product story.

Hard to top such a rock star week, but you know we’ll try.  Now back to those follow-ups…



bambeco summer look book

Projects + Events


In the world of fashion and home décor, the seasonal look book is a great tool to tell the product and design story to media, partners and other key influencers.  However, developing a printed collateral piece on behalf of an environmentally conscious company, is a challenge and necessitates a careful and thoughtful approach. Bambeco ( is a retail upstart working to define the home and décor space for all things eco.

Bambeco is online only (for now…) and they do not print a catalog because they haven’t found a way to justify the higher sales and marketing to offset the environmental impact of using the resources to print, produce and mail catalogs. So instead, the company relies heavily on PR and social media outreach to tell its story. Luckily, they have a very customer focused culture, a great story, easy to navigate website, and amazing seasonal collections that appeal beyond the conscious consumer.

Earth Day 2010 marked bambeco’s one year anniversary. They had a great opportunity to celebrate their anniversary in NYC by partnering with LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) for a series of influencer and media events. While in the city, we also scheduled some key desk side meetings for founder and CEO, Susan Aplin. For all of these reasons and more, we convinced bambeco to create a limited run of a summer look book. We promised to be economical with the choice of content, produce the book on recycled paper and limit the amount of books we mailed to media.

The business choice to practice eco policies mirror those choices faced every day by families or individuals endeavoring  to live their values.  It’s overwhelming.   As a wife and mother, I try to make conscious decisions that mitigate my family’s footprint.  We eliminated plastic water bottles 3 years ago and use (almost exclusively) re-usable shopping bags.  I think twice before making purchases.  Do we need it, can we re-use what we have and so on.  On the other hand, I drive a SUV that holds the big, 5 point harness car seats.  This feels like the safest choice to transport my 3 little girls.  I hope to drive a fuel friendly car when my kids outgrow the big car safety seats…

Back to bambeco and their decision to print a look book.  The end result was a great branded piece that was incredibly well received. Even late into the season, we continue to garner enthusiastic and positive response to the book.   If more people hear their message and fall in love with the green product choice, then we can sleep a little bit better and justify the “cost” of producing a printed book.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  Feels good.  Enjoy!

Best,  Kimberly