A West Coast native living in and loving my adopted hometown of Austin, Texas. Having worked non-stop for the last 20 years in a career that I love, I was ready for a break. Closing the doors a year ago on Five Two SQ Integrated PR was hard. And easy. I was ready. I spent my self-imposed hiatus reflecting on where I have been and done some things I’d missed like “over parenting” my three daughters. Now that I’ve hit refresh, I’m ready for act III.

I spent the first decade of my career in San Francisco, learning my craft while also trying very hard to follow some great early career advice, “don’t over think it.” I acquired many new skills, broadened my resume and deeply loved the opportunity to live and work in a unique, vibrant, and diverse city. I had the privilege to be an insider, representing some of the most innovative and respected retail brands, including Williams Sonoma and Nordstrom. Working as an internal PR contributor was varied and challenging – creating engagement and alignment among internal business partners and working externally as a spokesperson, problem solver, issues manager, team builder, and brand builder.

The last decade I have spent in Austin, Texas, raising three strong human beings, now teenagers (!), while working primarily as an entrepreneur, launching and running two PR consulting agencies respectively, Five Two SQ, Integrated PR and my namesake agency, Kimberly Strenk PR, Inc.

During my tenure as a consultant running my own firm, I coached executives to be great spokespeople for their companies’ mission, to help companies launch initiatives, new brands and new products by discovering and by sharing their unique stories. I absolutely loved working side by side with my incredible clients at industry trade shows, internal employee all-hands and external influencer events of all scale, representing authentic and innovative companies.

Some of my favorite memories and biggest wins came from clients such as CUROXEN, by Organicare, Aardvark, The Original Paper Straws, Blue Avocado, Smile Brands, TravelSmith, Tints of Nature, Whole Foods Market, EO Products, Eliza Page, and so many more. When I started my first agency in 2007, I promised myself that I would : 1. not work for assholes and 2. not represent clients in whom I don’t believe. I only had to fire one client – for breaking rule # 1, and rule # 2 was a gift that I am forever grateful for being able to keep.

In the last few years, I’ve been sharply focused on my opportunities to create measurable impact as a contributing Board Member for non-profit organizations that address issues I care most about : public education, girls in STEM, literacy, women’s rights, and social justice. I’ve seen what a difference public relations and base-line marketing work can make in the non-profit sector and I hope to always be able to give back in this way.

What does act III look like? Leave me a message if you want to connect, share ideas or talk about opportunities. I love meeting new people who have something to say.


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