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The company press kit has been such a mainstay of traditional public relations.  For a new company, new product, or launch event, the press kit was almost always the first tangible collateral piece created as a primary means of communicating to external audiences, the who, what and why.  Although the traditional press kit has gone the way of the landline telephone, the press kit (e-kit) continues to be an important way for companies to communicate brand, vision and mission.

The way we access and view them has moved primarily into digital format.   There are  exceptions by industry of course.  The interior design space still relies heavily on a beautiful, hardbound presentation that can show the magnitude and detail behind a designer’s work.   The press kit we developed for Baxter Design Group was a beautiful, visual and tactile experience designed to be an extension of their very high-end work.  We had an editor at a major design book thank us for sending her the press kit, calling it a “treat.”  When we followed up with her to confirm a project feature opportunity, she let us know that it  (press kit) was so beautifully designed and logical, it made her job “easy” and she couldn’t wait to work with us!

But this is the exception.  How many of us have been in newsrooms and editor offices and witnessed piles upon piles of un-opened press kit mailers?  Also, many more companies are responding to their own eco-initiatives and consumer sentiment by forgoing excessive collateral marketing materials that may look and feel wasteful.

It occurred to me end of last year that we should probably create our own company e-kit.  I think a website is still a powerful vehicle to tell a company story, but I find that few people look beyond the home page (unless it’s a great shopping or news site).  We partnered with The Design Boutique’s ( Laney Silverman.  She is a SF based graphic designer we’ve worked with before.  When creating a branded piece, it’s crucial to partner with people who understand and share your taste level.  Goes back to “speaking the same language.”  This has been my PR mantra from the very beginning.

Some general tips before engaging a graphic designer:  1.  get 2-3 bids 2.  review their portfolio and look for works that are similar to your design vision and 3.  clearly understand the scope of project service (ie who does copy editing, how many rounds of editing, how many design layouts to choose from, timing and what final deliverables will look like, among other details).  If you think it’s a big project with lots of editing and layers of approval, you may want to negotiate a project fee verses an hourly designer rate.

So, after much inspired writing, design and round upon round of content and copy edits, we completed our first Kimberly Strenk PR, Inc., e-kit.  We welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy it.



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I’ve always been a big fan of video to tell a brand story.  A great video can create excitement and interest in a way that other communication tools such as press releases, power points, brochures, e-kits and static images cannot.

During my early Nordstrom days, I had the opportunity to see first-hand how corporate videos were produced and distributed amongst internal employee audiences to communicate events, changes and just get employees excited and proud to be at the company.  Over the years, as a PR manager/director at numerous companies, I helped produce many sizzle videos to be  shown at all-hands meetings, marketing retreats, brand conferences and the like.  Having been involved in so many video projects, it always surprised me how positive and enthusiastic the response was to even the most basic PR brand sizzle reels.  This clearly cemented my belief that a well planned and produced video was a powerful communication tool for any company to make a connection with its audience.

When contemplating a professional video project keep in mind that the time from ideation to filming, editing, sound mixing, music, production and numerous rounds of editing can be time consuming and costly.  The major cost factors depend on the type of video you need and the elements needed to make it happen (for instance, on location filming and professional talent call all increase the cost).

We just finished a video project for our eco furnishings client, bambeco.  We were able to stay on budget, keep the costs low and deliver a finished project in less than a month by spending the time up front planning, script writing and laying out and gathering all the assets before sending everything to video production.   We worked with Lava Studios in Austin, Texas.  They were a great partner, shared our urgency and very professional.  A great resource for photography was  Easy to search and purchase a variety of images.

The end result of much creativity, focus, and detailed work is a beautifully produced 3 minute sizzle reel that tells the bambeco story and communicates the essence of the brand to a broad audience.  We show a young brand that is visionary, exciting, energetic,  intelligent and design driven.   A well planned and executed video enables audiences to experience a brand without being told “this is what the brand is.”

From the initial script, shot sheet development, image selections, music choice, voice actor, and all the other elements involved, our goal was to create a compelling story and emotional connection to the brand.  Hope you enjoy it.  Please tell us what you think.