Building a Company …

Building a company from the ground up is like nothing you can imagine unless you have been there, on the ground, and in the trenches. We are learning as we are building every moment of every day. I’m charged with sales, marketing, and partnership development but I also help out with other functional areas suchContinue reading “Building a Company …”

Bring it 2023. I am ready for you.

Being present and feeling gratitude got me through an incredibly tumultuous year. The simplest visual for what it feels like being a family of five with three teen daughters is a game of Whack a Mole – two down, one up, then three down and one up, one down and so on. Insert laughing andContinue reading “Bring it 2023. I am ready for you.”

Goodbye 16. You Won’t Be Missed.

Our daughter’s birthdays have always been occasion for an excess of enthusiasm and sentimentality as we enjoyed each “first” and “last” over these past eighteen years we have been parents. With three kids so close in age – less than four years separating our oldest and our youngest  – we have truly done that andContinue reading “Goodbye 16. You Won’t Be Missed.”

Why I Won’t Be Celebrating Independence Day

This Independence Day feels like a thinly veiled joke. A wink wink among the Christian right and their ardent cronies. Their “pro-life” vision thinly wrapped in their convservative values around sex and marriage, deciding who has choice and agency and who does not. It is only when I fill out those intake forms at theContinue reading “Why I Won’t Be Celebrating Independence Day”

Unapologetically, Myself

We are all whole human beings with complex identities and none of us can be defined solely by the work that we do. Our identities and our roles intersect continuously.  I am a feminist and social justice advocate. I like to create and build things. My tool kit is sales and marketing. I am anContinue reading Unapologetically, Myself

Dear Firstborn

Elke, To say that we are proud of the person you have become is an understatement. You are a joy and such a bright light in our lives. Although we have been honored to guide you and parent you for 18 years, the time has gone by much too fast. The sense of urgency toContinue reading “Dear Firstborn”

Finding Joy in the Tumult

I spent the last year of my life helping people find their joy – in fact, it was part of my job description. Now, in the face of an unanticipated setback, the profound sense of joy I found in helping others is grounding me in gratitude in the face of tumult and change. Throughout myContinue reading “Finding Joy in the Tumult”