The Economy Isn’t Pretty But I Still Look Fabulous

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Has the economic downturn affected consumer’s beauty routines?  Intuitively we think the answer must be yes.  When budget tightening hits, don’t we all re-examine what we need and what we want?   But somehow the line between needs and wants has blurred considerably. It’s much more difficult in our hyper aware, consumer driven times to consider giving up our “wants” that we have come to think of as essential, “needs.”  What can we do?

The onslaught of DIY home décor and renovation shows tells us that we are taking on more DIY projects in our homes, but does this DIY mentality translate to our beauty routines?  Are we visiting the salon less and perhaps adopting a DIY mentality to our most cherished beauty routines?

We tapped into traditional research reports and online media coverage to find a few faq’s and news articles to support our hypothesis @ growth of DIY beauty.  We also looked at the proliferation of YouTube every day beauty stars such as Kandee Johnson, Michelle Phan, and Bubz Beauty. Some of our favorite, popular beauty blogs include MakeUpAlley, BeautySnob and Stylelist.  These all feature every day people as beauty experts, sharing and comparing all manner of beauty related topics.

Armed with this, our team of working moms (me) and college/post- college not-quite fashion slaves but enthusiastic, maybe-not-quite-addicted fashion trenders set out to test our beauty assumptions among our friends and friends of friends.  Our reach went West from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, LA, to Southern cities Houston, Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and East to New York.

We created an informal beauty survey, “The Economy Isn’t Pretty But I Still Look Fabulous.”  Our goal was to get enough anecdotal data to support our intuitions about DIY beauty in order to provide additional heft for our client’s upcoming launch of a new organic based, premium at home coloring and care brand.

Some interesting findings:

  • Over 60% of respondents stated that a good hair day meant a more confident attitude
  • However, almost 40% acknowledged that visits to the salon had decreased in the past year due to economic strain
  • An even 50% color their hair
  • Of all respondents, 40% color their hair at home (this surprised all of us but given the high concentration among college age folks, might make more sense)
  • Given the choice of an organic based hair color product, over 60% of these same respondents would be interested in an organic product!

All in all, a fun way to tap into our circles and affirm our thinking.  Isn’t that what friends are for?

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West Coast native, enjoying life in Austin, Texas with three teen daughters, awesome husband, and one adorable, vertically challenged doxie pup, Ollie.

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