Virgin Tour, SXSW

Although I have lived in Austin for the past 4 years, this year marked my first SXSW.  I consider myself a regular to other destination events here in town, but SXSW is clearly the BIG one putting Austin on the radar beyond Tex Mex, live music and a laid back lifestyle.

Luckily I had some help navigating this new world.  Vaidehi is a senior member of our account management team.   Vaidehi (“Vai”) also happens to be a SXSW veteran from her days as a NYC based music publicist representing some very indie bands (read:  Bands too cool for me to have ever heard about!).

My primary observation:  the music world has its own language, hierarchy and style, that to an outsider requires some pre-briefing.  Following are Vai’s glossary of very important terms:

  • Filter and Paste = established music magazines that throw core SX parties
  • Fader = a fashion + music magazine that has the biggest SX parties
  • Shoegazing = when a band endlessly distorts vocals/tunes in rock (Vai tells me there’s a lot of this with indie rock bands)
  • Band members = easily recognizable, tight skinny jeans (they probably sleep in, because they look impossible to remove), biker boots, fitted graphic tees, disheveled hair.
  • Music editors (hopelessly devoted groupies) = Similar to the band members they stalk, with a slight difference:  skinny jeans but with flannel shirts, sneakers, and often times fake glasses.
  • Music publicists (glorified groupies) = Similar to editors – often vintage clothing, baggy skirts or shirts, fedoras.
  • Band member’s girlfriends = retro chic.  The most pristinely dressed out of music-related industry.
  • Mangers/Lawyers = always a blazer worn over a typical hipster outfit.

Some highlights from our tour:

Filter party, Paste party, CNN crew, Austin Convention Center (the SX mecca), and dropped by the BMF Media (famous for their client, Perez Hilton) private VIP retreat, which KSPR helped sponsor.  See images below:

All in all, a very good first tour.  I’ll be ready next year with my proper groupie attire.

Hook ’em,


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