Seasonal Outreach

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Much of my PR life has followed the rhythm of the seasons.  Living in the world of premium consumer products, we are always working one or two seasons ahead.  Christmas 2009 has already happened for us and we still have Halloween candy unwrapped!

Currently we are deep in the throes of spring 2010.  It’s always exciting to get a preview of what’s to come.

Right now we are looking at bambeco’s spring collection of eco-chic home furnishings and decor.  Initial products show a strong story developing in tabletop and beddings.   Now we begin examining the trends in design, such as shape, color and materials, then we begin tying it together in terms of themes.  At the same time we are thinking about what audiences might be interested in what stories.  Having lived in fashion and home furnishings world,  it’s interesting to note that trends in textiles and furniture tend to follow fashion by several seasons sometimes longer.  Clearly not all fashion trends make sense for the home, but even over the last couple years, design editorial has been looking and sounding more and more fashionable with an emphasis on seasonal updates and makeovers.  This is only a benefit for the consumer – who wants to look at the same home decor every season?  Even if you don’t want to change your look, it’s always inspirational to see what’s new.

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