Musings on PR

Welcome to my first official blog on my first official blog entry.  A brief explanation to the obvious – why blog?

I hope to use this as a forum to share best practices and open the proverbial kimono a bit more, share the process, thinking, and tactical execution that goes into the things we do for our clients.  Initially, I was worried that I might give away ”proprietary intellectual capital” but have come to realize that someone may be inspired or borrow some of the tactics or ideas, but no one can execute and deliver in the same way.  Social media has really moved the needle and opened up the floodgates to information that we have never been able to access.  In the spirit of sharing and connecting, I hope to contribute as well.

Some background.  I feel very lucky to have a “job” that I love.  The difference between owning my own agency and working in-house or at a big firm?  I feel truly vested and responsible to my clients at a whole new level.  It is a very one-to-one relationship.  I also get to choose the people I work with and qualify the products and services I represent.  This keeps my”pitch” honest and real.

Feel free to comment, share and visit.  I will try to keep the content relevant and fresh.  Enjoy,  Kimberly